'The Food Wrap Organizer & Storage Bag Dispenser': All-in-One Station is a Practical System Eliminating Cabinet Clutter

The online Webster-Merriam dictionary describes organizer as to put in certain order — and that describes this new device perfectly. The Food Wrap Organizer & Storage Bag Dispenser is a wall- or door-mounted receptacle featuring up to five slotted compartments for the management and storage of various food preserving bags, wraps and foil. The design intent is to provide an all-in-one organizing and dispensing station for these implements, so that they are neatly and clearly displayed and, thus, always easily accessed.

The rectangular Food Wrap Organizer & Storage Bag Dispenser is fabricated of stainless steel and durable plastic or rubber material, and is ideal to house bags and wrap needs. There are three to four elongated slots provided for food wraps (foil or plastic) and one elongated space for large bags and a smaller slot for small storage bags. It is a handy dispenser and each slot is labeled for the proper item. Once the open boxes of wraps and bags are placed into their assigned slots, the top section of wrap or first bag would be pulled outward through the egress. It is easy to install with the included mounting hardware. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Food Wrap Organizer & Storage Bag Dispenser.

The Patent Pending Food Wrap Organizer & Storage Bag Dispenser was invented by Ashmeen Modikhan of New York, NY, who said, “Every time plastic wrap, foil, parchment paper or bag is needed, they are readily within reach. It is perfect for homes, but works equally well in restaurant or institution kitchens. It works with efficiency for every user.”

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