"The Flea Trap Grooming Kit": Combs Pests Out and Treats Pet at Same Time

A pet is truly a member of the family and caring for that member grooming wise is just as important as caring for a child.  The Flea Trap Grooming Kit is multifaceted grooming comb designed with interlocking, liquid dispensing teeth configured specifically for use in capturing, immobilizing, and killing fleas and ticks which have settled on a household pet. Enabling the user to comb away fleas and ticks while simultaneously applying flea and tick spray, the design intent is to provide pet owners with a simple means of eliminating these pests resulting in a healthier, happier animal.

The Flea Trap Grooming Kit is presented as a multifunctional grooming comb that is augmented to trap, collect, and kill fleas and ticks via the comb's teeth while also serving as a dispenser for a liquid anti-pest product. It is made of a combination of durable, rust resistant metal, rubber, and plastic materials measuring approximately six to eight inches in length. Along the length, the device employs two rows of interlocking teeth which serve as the trapping and collection components. Separated by a narrow channel of about 3/16” each row rotates with each tooth on the second row extending lower than its companion tooth on the top row; these teeth range in length between ¾” to 1”. Within the channel between the rows of teeth is a series of egress holes provided as the distribution point for liquid pest control solution. The reservoir holds between 2 and 3 ounces of the preferred flea/tick spray. It has a threaded cap and tubing that runs the length of the comb. A push button dispenser on the handle enables the user to comb away fleas and ticks while simultaneously applying the flea and tick spray. The Flea Trap Grooming Kit is produced in larger models for large pets. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Flea Trap Grooming Kit.
ThePatent Pending Flea Trap Grooming Kit was invented by Ellen Striverson of Lo Angeles, CA who said, “This comb kills on impact and at the same time dispenses the anti-flea and tick product evenly throughout the coat protecting from re-infestation. The comb gets the product into hard to reach areas. It works equally well on dog, cats and other animals that attract fleas. It controls shedding and stimulates natural oil production for a healthy coat and skin. It works.”

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