The Fitness Industry Goes Digital With the Help of Newswire's Distribution Platform

Gyms, cycling bars and fitness clubs have transformed operations during the pandemic - now they look to rebound with a V-shaped recovery.

Newswire's Distribution Platform has aided fitness companies in their marketing and promotional efforts during this transitional era for the industry. The digital adoption wave has led to certain brands excelling over the past 6-7 months, as at-home workouts and health-conscious workarounds have accelerated sales revenue and online traction for multiple fitness and wellness companies. Now, with Newswire's opportunities for omni-channel content distribution, brands can amplify their online presence and catch the attention of fitness enthusiasts through a targeted press release distribution campaign. 

Josh Barro of New York Magazine cited the digital success of brands such as Peloton, Equinox, and Lululemon, with each company making significant strides in online fitness instruction. Peloton, in particular, generated $607 million in revenue in Q2, up 172% from the same quarter from the previous year. 

"The success is undeniable, but the major players aren't the only ones that are benefiting from this online adoption," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire's VP Earned Media Advantage Business. 

"We have worked with multiple small and midsize fitness companies that have taken advantage of the growing digital fitness landscape. The ability to target outlets through our platform provides them with the opportunities to get in front of potential customers that are looking to get fit and try new fitness trends."

The platform helps CMOs and similar C-suite executives target industry media to gain greater brand awareness and publicity.

"The powerful targeting capabilities allow executives to position their content in front of reputable outlets and publications within the fitness industry," said Erik Rohrmann, Newswire's Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. 

Newswire's Distribution Platform assists fitness pioneers as they grow their influence across the industry. Compared to competing services, Newswire offers more reach and greater visibility so to help brands get better returns on marketing and communication spend.

If you plan on going digital with your brand to target new audiences, find out how Newswire's Distribution Platform can help boost your brand awareness today. 

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