The First Powerful Tonic for Gut Immunity From CaDi Helps to Prepare for Long Flight Travels

Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging (CaDi) is launching Lycobiotic Flight™- a powerful tonic for gut immunity, which helps to prepare for long flight travels.


One of the main barriers in the way of the growth of air travel at a time when we are fighting with infections, including COVID-19, is passenger concern about health safety on board the plane as the existing air filtration does not give sufficient confidence. Extra protection is very important during these times, however, support of the immune system is important at all times. Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging (CaDi) is ready to present Lycobiotic Flight™ - a personalised and a powerful tonic which can boost gut immunity to support your body resistance to unavoidable health risk factors, not just during long flight hours but in the days after too. 

In a clinical trial it was shown that Lycobiotic™ is 1,000-4,000 times stronger than fibre, gives a wake-up boost for good bacteria in the gut and can stimulate the population of probiotic bacteria, in particular Bifidobacteria. Daily intake of this tonic at least 14 days before the flight can help to boost gut immunity and support passenger health for upcoming travel.

“The travel industry has changed now and for a long time to come - Lycobiotic Flight™ is a perfect solution that helps to adapt to new realities. It will be available in Autumn 2020 and can be bought for airline miles. At the moment we are in negotiations with major airlines to choose the one for exclusive partnership for the next year”– said Alexey Shulepov, CEO of CaDi.

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Source: CaDi