Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging Presents a New Class of Daily Prebiotic With AI-Based Personalization and That is 1000 Times Stronger Than Fibre

Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging (CaDi) is launching a new class of prebiotic LycobioticTM - a daily powerful tonic for gut immunity bacteria, which affects intestinal bacteria by increasing the number of beneficial anaerobic bacteria and decreasing the population of potentially pathogenic microorganisms.

At a time when we are fighting with infections, including COVID-19, the status of the immune system plays an important role in winning such battles, and supporting the microbiome is even more important when it comes to balancing and protecting the immune system. In collaboration with Lycotec, a company with award-winning technology products on the market, Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging (CaDi) is ready to present a personalized nutraceutical Lycobiotic plan to give a boost and support your immune system every day in a safe and natural way.

In a clinical trial it was shown that LycobioticTM is 1,000-4,000 times stronger than fibre, gives a wake-up boost for good bacteria in the gut and can stimulate the population of probiotic bacteria, in particular Bifidobacteria. A daily intake of LycobioticTM can specifically, and in a dose-dependent manner, increase the abundance of Bifidobacteria, one of the main probiotics responsible for support of the immune system in the gut. These changes in the microbiome were accompanied in the trial by a reduction in markers of inflammation and oxidative damage in the blood, improvement of liver, skeletal muscle parameters and reversal of age-associated changes in the skin. CaDi has developed an AI-based algorithm combining the assessment and monitoring of the status of the immune system with a personalized nutraceutical programme. After a simple diagnostic assessment, you will get your personal plan with an individual dose to maximize beneficial results.

Eating one large bowl of salad daily helps us to feed good bacteria in the gut. However, for many people eating the recommended amount of fibre daily is not always possible, especially for children, and for people with intestinal disorders accompanied by diarrhea or flatulence it can worsen their condition. LycobioticTM has no such side effects or other contraindications and can be taken by any age group, even by small children.

“At Lycotec we blend medical science with nutritional technologies to create dedicated functional food and nutraceutical products to address health challenges of a sedentary life-style and ageing, and to find natural solutions in the prevention and treatment of major diseases. Together with CaDi we have developed an affordable, scientifically based and personalised way to help people to support the immune system in modern living” – Dr. Ivan Petyaev, CEO and Founder of Lycotec.

CaDi was established for wide deployment of innovations in human health area, focuses on a personalized approach, longevity and technologies for early, fast and non-invasive diagnostics. Jointly with Cambridge-based research companies, CaDi has developed a unique assessment algorithm for personalization of a new generation of clinically validated food supplements, nutraceuticals, medications and diagnostic systems.

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