The first Miss Progress International is Tanzanian

Julieth Lugembe conquered the jury and the whole world at the first edition of the event organized by the Associazione Culturale In Progress with her aim of defending the albinos in Tanzania.

A triumph of colors, wonderful music and atmospheres that have touched the heart and then the announcement of Giuseppe Borrillo: Miss Progress International 2010 is Queen Julieth William Lugembe, 19 years old from Dar Es Salaam, capital of the Republic of Tanzania.
As is known, each of the Ambassadors of Progress, arrived at Taranto on September 19th, has brought with her a project dedicated to one of the themes of the event: Environment, Health, Human Rights and Cultural Integration.
This last one was assigned, among other nations, to Tanzania, home to the winner whose name carried her predestination for the title of the first edition of the competition created, produced and organized by the Associatione Culturale In Progress of San Giorgio Ionico.

"The emotion I feel - said beaming live global broadcast from JoTv - is matched only by my desire to defeat the absurd beliefs that prevent albinos living in my country to live peacefully."
Probably just a few people know that some superstitious rituals rooted in the most frantic lead Tanzania to conduct real "hunts to the albino" as convinced that maiming or killing a person with that genetic defect gives good luck.

Now Julieth and the organization of Miss Progress International have to start to raise the funds necessary to complete the project which provides information campaigns through the media which may include that Tanzanian albinos have the right to live their life.
The opening of "schools of trades" will enable them to integrate acquiring independence through work.
The auction of items that each competitor has brought with her took place during the gala dinner organized by Prof. Castronuovo with the collaboration of students and chef of the Hospitality School of Leporano has already helped raise hundreds of euros, and soon other Items will be sold on the web.
Along with Julieth, who has won a magnificent parure of Swarovski and an elegant evening gown specially designed by Angela Fani, also the Dutch Dian Biemans triumped. She won the title of Miss Progress Health with its plan that provides to send in the Third World nations doctors just graduates who will teach indigenous basic practiceabout the first aid.
The best project for the Environment has been presented by Miss Progress Bahamas, Kendis Brown, who will support local organizations involved in protecting the delicate ecosystem of coral reefs.
The sash of Miss Progress Cultural Integration went to the Venezuelan Carolina Palmegiani thanks to her idea of setting up a traveling museum of the integration of cultures.
The title of Miss Progress Human Rights was assigned to the Hungarian Anette Maximovitz who wants to increase opportunities for disabled people by creating a cooperative of workers able to sustain itself through the sale of manufactured goods and products made from them.
Since their arrival the contestants representing nearly every corner of the world, have also made even more beautiful Puglia, real co-starring in this first edition of the competition thanks to the tour that let them discover Taranto, Pulsano, Alberobello and Ostuni and emphasized the global popularity of the products of the culinary tradition of the area.
The cruise of the two seas, the guided tours in the historic centers, the taste of our dishes and the discovery of more rural area west of the ionian province made their stay memorable in a land that, once again, has excelled in hospitality.
The mayor of Taranto, Ippazio Stefano, who met with the Ambassadors of Progress before their homage to the MarTa museum, reaffirmed this important event to mark the beginning of a new path for city, that from military and industrial town will come back to its ancient beauty thanks to the massive media coverage of Miss Progress International and the commitment of the contestants who gave voice to their social and humanitarian projects.

Watch the show on on Thursday, September 30th and Saturdat, October 2nd at 22.00 (Italian time: GMT+1)


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