"The Figurine Bottle": Provides Hype With H2O in a Shaped Bottle Advertisement

​Something different is an attention getter and can be a novel attraction. That may well be the case with this new item. The Figurine Bottle is a line of specially designed, plastic, water filled bottles rendered in the form of a variety of shapes and sizes, and printed with illustrations reflecting businesses, events, organizations, and special interests. The design intent is to provide a useful advertising keepsake that is a unique, highly visible, and cost-effective new venue for attracting and reaching the public, and one which leaves a lasting impression.

Made of durable plastic the Figurine Bottle is available in 8, 12, and 16.9 ounce sizes with each bottle securely capped and adorned with a label with required nutritional information. Each bottle contains pure drinking water and is shaped to reflect the goods, services, or events being advertising---such as in the form of a car for a dealership, house shape for real estate firm, weight for a gym, animal forms for pet stores, shelters, veterinarians, zoos and farms, ball shapes for sporting events, and corporate logos for larger businesses, conventions and various promotions to name a few. These bottles are printed with additional illustrations and text reflecting the advertised product or service, such as names, dates, locations, contact information, and slogans. The Figurine Bottle line of configurations are limitless. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Figurine Bottle.
The Patent Pending Figurine Bottle was invented by Raul Sanchez, Jr. of Fontana, CA who said, “Literally millions of people drink water from a bottle every day. Shaping the bottle to enhance a business, brand or service takes advertising to a new high. The Figurine Bottle line keeps a product in the forefront of the user and is also a novel type keepsake. Advertisers will recognize the benefit the bottle provides.”

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