The Fibroid Foundation Announces Their 2nd Annual UnGala

The 2021 UnGala Theme Is Hope for a Healthy Tomorrow

Fibroid Foundation UnGala 2021

The Fibroid Foundation (, a patient-founded nonprofit dedicated to fibroid education, research, treatment innovation and legislation, announces UnGala 2021.

The 'UnGala' is the Fibroid Foundation's annual fundraising event. The Fibroid Foundation annual UnGala 2021 will air virtually on Saturday, November 13 at 7:00 P.M. eastern standard time.

RSVP for an elegant evening filled with inspiration, awards and live music. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a special raffle that will include several incredible items.

The 2021 honorees are:

Each year The Fibroid Foundations supports a global community of thousands with educational programming, local chapter networks, legislative advocacy, and more. Did you know that 70% of all women develop uterine fibroids?  With these shocking statistics, it might seem that everyone would be familiar with the term 'fibroid',  but this is not the case. Most people know someone who has struggled with fibroids.1 Approximately 26 million U.S. women are affected by uterine fibroids.2

The good news - through the work of The Fibroid Foundation, progress is being made. This year, the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Fibroid Research and Education Act was introduced in the House (H.R. 2007) and Senate (S.2444). The advocacy efforts of the Foundation and its community members advanced this legislation. Supporting UnGala 2021 will improve advocacy outcomes and expand research funding in the uterine fibroid space.

With community support, the stigma around fibroids and menstruation can be erased.3

Register to attend the Un-Gala and to become a part of The Fibroid Foundation community by visiting the website - The Fibroid Foundation.

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About The Fibroid Foundation

The Fibroid Foundation is an organization founded by fibroid patient Sateria Venable in 2013 after her third of four fibroid surgeries. As the premier global community of fibroids patients, their mission is to:

  • Normalize conversations about menstruation.
  • Foster a movement for everyone with a uterus to thrive.
  • Eliminate treatment disparities with layered patient support.
  • Engage family and community in the menstrual health mission.
  • Enable those diagnosed with uterine fibroids to experience a smooth path to treatment with fulfilling outcomes.
  • Spark joy through advocacy.
  • Understand how and why fibroids develop, and ultimately find a cure.

The Fibroid Foundation research contributions can be read here.

1Management of Uterine Fibroids

2Uterine Fibroids: Burden and Unmet Medical Need

3Clinical practice and research yields valuable data for management of uterine fibroids

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