The Fibroid Foundation Announces National Menstrual Health Awareness Month

May is National Menstrual Health Awareness Month — May 28 is International Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual Health Briefing Capital Hill 2024

The Fibroid Foundation announces National Menstrual Health Awareness Month 2024. This year's theme is "Menstrual Health — Lack of Information at Every Phase."

The Foundation applauds Congresswoman Grace Meng (NY-6) for her leadership in introducing House Resolution 351: Recognizing the impact the stigmatization of menstruation has on the lives of women, girls, and people who menstruate, and expressing support for the designation of the month of May as "National Menstrual Health Awareness Month."

A Congressional Briefing will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at 2:45 p.m. ET at the Rayburn House Office Building. 

Click here to RSVP (seating is limited).

The briefing is hosted in partnership with:

The World Health Organization defines menstrual health as follows: "... menstrual health means that women and girls and other people who menstruate, have access to information and education about it; to the menstrual products they need; water, sanitation, and disposal facilities; to competent and empathic care when needed; to live, study and work in an environment in which menstruation is seen as positive and healthy — not something to be ashamed of; and to fully participate in work and social activities."(1)

Celebrate National Menstrual Health Awareness Month with these toolkit resources from The Fibroid Foundation.

Working together, the stigma of menstruation can be erased.

The mission of The Fibroid Foundation is to eradicate uterine fibroids by amplifying and advocating for the unique voices of those affected from menarche through menopause. Our ultimate vision is to discover a cure, liberating women from the burdens of this affliction. In line with our core mission, we are dedicated to improving women’s healthcare worldwide, with a firm commitment to eradicating menstrual stigma that affects, restricts and endangers women everywhere. Our approach is rooted in research, education, advocacy, legislation, and innovative consulting.

(1) WHO statement on menstrual health and rights

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