"The Featherstone Laundry Basket": Is Always There When You Need It

​Anyone who has limited space will benefit from this new style laundry basket. "Light as a feather, yet sturdy as a rock," the Featherstone Laundry Basket is a lightweight laundry and general-purpose utility basket in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, that collapses for easy, space-saving storage when not in use. It is easy to use, handy and durable. The Featherstone Laundry Basket is equally ideal for use in the home, in a laundromat, or for general utility purposes in any home or business, including salons and spas.

The Featherstone Laundry Basket is fabricated in a sturdy and durable injection-molded thermoplastic polymer, scratch-resistant and is impervious to mold or mildew. The Basket when in the open position locks into place and to collapse for storage, the bottom of the basket folds upward, the two sides fold inward and the upper section of the basket folds both inward and downward making for a flat package. When it is collapsed, the basket is easily stowed beside a washer/dryer, or on a closet shelf—out of the way—but ready for immediate assembly and use. The Featherstone Laundry Basket comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors allowing various members of a household to “color-code” their baskets and more. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Featherstone Laundry Basket.
The Patent Pending Featherstone Laundry Basket was invented by Chanmattee Bachoo of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Whether one is in a limited space or not, this basket is perfect and is stored for awaiting the time when you need it. It works perfectly.”

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