"The Fascia Board Helper Installer": Tool Assistant Serves Carpenter Without Aid From Another Human

Helpers or laborers are an important part of every job. But sometimes one may not have the ability to have personnel available and this is when an accessory type aid is so vitally important. The Fascia Board Helper Installer is an assistive tool, specially designed to help in the installation, repair, or replacement of fascia boards along the exterior of a building. The design intent is to provide both professionals and do-it-yourselfers with an accessory that facilitates completion of this task by a single individual by helping to keep the board in place and freeing up the user's hands, so the necessary adjustments can be made, and the board nailed properly in place without assistance.

The Fascia Board Helper Installer allows both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to attend to these awkwardly positioned boards without having to rely on assistance from others. Fabricated of a durable aluminum or sturdy plastic material, the Fascia Board Helper Installer is offered as a two-part product: one used on the roof rafter tail, while the companion to the lookout. The former features an angled U-shape to more easily accommodate corners measuring 7½”W x 1½” open slot for fitting of the fascia board. This component's base anchor measures 3½” in length. The second piece of the unit is sized and shaped in a similar manner but offers a straighter configuration. Additionally, its base anchor is slightly smaller 3” in length. It is relatively simple in design yet extremely effective in application.  With the Installer system in place, the user is then able to freely adjust and/or quickly nail the fascia board, without having to juggle hammer and nails with one hand while holding the board with the other. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fascia Board Helper Installer.
The Fascia Board Helper Installer is Patent Pending and was invented by Miguel Rosas of Long Beach, CA who said, “This is a tool that provides users with a simple and effective means of attending to installation, repair and maintenance tasks involving roof line facia boards. It gives a user the ability to do the work by one’s self and doesn’t require contorting the body to remove and replace or install fascia board. This helper is always available. It works.”

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