The Fairyland Dianchi Lake Ultra-Marathon Successfully Held in Yunnan, China

​​For three consecutive days, 100 runners ran one full marathon every day. Every challenging step brought them closer to Kunming's Dianchi Lake, building their strength as they went. The three-day Colorful Yunnan Fairyland 100 Marathon Super Challenge finished at sunset on November 17 with a final sprint to the Sports Square of Ancient Dian Town. Li Zicheng, from Dali, took the lead on the third day, finishing with a total of nine hours, six minutes and 22 seconds, winning the men's team title. The women's title was won by Zhao Zhongmei, who ran for 11 hours, 13 minutes and 31 seconds.

The 2019 Colorful Yunnan Fairyland 100 Marathon Super Challenge is the marathon with the highest elevation, longest single event mileage and highest standard of service in China. In two joint events, the 127-kilometer super challenge marathon series and a two-and-a-half kilometer run for parents and children, professional athletics and national fitness come together in promoting a sports and healthy family lifestyle, as well as promoting Yunnan and Kunming as healthy destinations.

At 2:10 p.m. on November 17, the closing ceremony was held in the Sports Square of Ancient Dian Town. Ren Huaican, Chairman of the Board of the Northstar Group and founder of the Colorful Yunnan brand, said in a statement, "Three days ago, the 2019 Colorful Yunnan Fairyland 100 Marathon Super Challenge began here. Long-distance runners from all walks of life started with anticipation, motivated for a better life. Three days later, we welcome the 100 triumphant marathon enthusiasts, who we thank for showing us the spirit and style of racehorses. Your actions and determination show us the way towards a healthy lifestyle. In the future, as the event continues, we want to let more people join, so they too can get to understand Yunnan's unique natural landscape and lifestyle and the story of the people who love Yunnan. Ancient Dian Town, as the co-sponsor of this event, hopes that through this event Yunnan's healthy lifestyle and unique diversity will bring more distant friends, thus, creating a calling card for Kunming that will draw visitors from not just the whole country but also South Asia, Southeast Asia and even the world to Colorful Yunnan. ”

"This new three-day challenge is modeled on the Tour de France. This is a rare global challenge, quite unlike the famous marathons at home and abroad, such as the Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo Marathon," said Jin Feibao, founder of the Fairyland 100 Marathon. “Competitors who can finish three days in a row are true warriors. "

According to Jin Feibao, the names of all runners who complete the three consecutive marathons will appear in the Colorful Yunnan Sports Square of Ancient Dian Town. "We have prepared a star-studded marathon avenue here, and the name of every runner that completes the three marathons will be engraved here, as a permanent record of their accomplishment."

Source: Fairyland 100 Marathon