"The Ezzie Hang": Securely Holds Decorative Display on a Gravestone and Elsewhere

The ability to decorate a loved one’s headstone can be daunting and quite often floral decorations blow away. That will never happen when using The Ezzie Hang. This is a weather resistant, two-strap harness system designed for sturdily securing a decorative wreath to the front of a grave marker. The design intent is to provide a durable means of holding these flowers in place allowing one to better honor and show respect for lost loved ones.  The Ezzie Hang allows grieving families pride in the visual appearance of the carefully decorated head stone of a loved one. It is available in various lengths, widths, and colors and can also be used to mount seasonal or holiday decorations on doors and other surfaces.

The Ezzie Hang is a two-strap harness system constructed of a durable nylon material with webbed straps augmented with weather-resistant metal rings, locks, and closures to ensure a long-lasting product. The Ezzie Hang is offered in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to accommodate arrangements of different sizes. Ezzie Hang was primarily created for use on upright tombstones but allows the product to be easily used on markers in the shape of a cross as well as circular and squared stones. The two straps are joined by a centrally positioned main ring and this section serves as the placement point of the wreath itself and in this manner, centers the wreath on the tombstone. The Ezzie Hang can fully suspend the wreath against the marker, and well above the ground, creating a beautiful and appealing tribute. The Ezzie Hang is offered in a variety of colors to better match each arrangement or to blend with the surface on which it is mounted. The Ezzie Hang can also be mounted on doors and other surfaces at any time for decorative reasons. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ezzie Hang.
The Ezzie Hang is Patent Pending and was invented by Heriberto Rosado of Rosedale, NY who said, “This unit serves as a harness and supports a wreath placed on a tombstone and keeps the plot and stone neat and clean. It provides the aesthetic integrity of the grave site, keeping the wreath in place until ready to remove it for another design. It also will work on doors without damaging the surface.”

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