"The EZ Mat": Safety First Ending With Rapidly Running Drains to Clear the Tub or Shower

​Sometimes it takes months and even years for a tub or shower drain to refuse to drain properly. This can be a problem for numerous households and holds true in hotels, motels, hospitals and other facilities. The new EZ Mat is a specially designed tub and shower mat for bathtubs and shower stalls that provides a removable mesh basket drain filter. The design intent is to provide consumers with an easy and effective means of preventing drain clogs as well as dangerous slipping in the tub or shower.

The EZ Mat is fabricated of durable and slip-resistant material made specifically for use in a bathtub. It is rectangular and at one end features a removable mesh basket. This mesh basket fits flush with the drainage opening and able to filter out the smallest particles while providing unimpeded water drainage. A gasket seal fits over the tub’s run off system to facilitate security to the tub’s drain. The tub version offers a fitted thread or notch that allows the drain to be plugged so that the tube can be filled water. The shower stall version of the EZ Mat is constructed in a similar way but offered in a smaller circular or rectangular form with the mesh filter basket located in the center of the mat.Instead of hair and other debris accumulating in the pipes the matter remains within the removable mesh basket where it can be discarded and emptied after each bath or shower.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Mat.
The Patent Pending EZ Mat was invented by a resident of Bronx, NY who said, “The EZ Mat is a non-slip surface as well as a debris filter, all-in-one convenient unit.It ends the nasty work to clear clogged rains and keeps debris easily accessible on the top. Anyone who has plunged and tried to end drain plugs will immediately see the benefit of the EZ Mat if only for the filter and not the mat. But. overall it works perfectly.”

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