"The EZ Grenade": A Really "EZ" Refillable Paint Grenade for Paintball Enthusiasts

​Attention paintball game players.  Is your paint grenade not refillable?  EZ Grenade is a refillable, re-usable paint grenade for the simulated combat sport of paintball. Featuring self-deploying tripod legs and a 8-second time-delay when armed, the EZ Grenade releases a burst of paint in a 360-degree “kill zone” – a unique capability lacking in currently available paintball grenades.

The base of the EZ Grenade canister is equipped with a removable, locking plate, to the periphery of which are fastened a continuous series of petal-like, fold-down legs or stabilizers. When removed, the base plate reveals a securely sealing, gasketed port through which the paint grenade may be refilled. You depress a spring-loaded button situated atop the arming handle of the EZ Grenade, and CO2 or compressed air will begin to flow. After 7 seconds of a warning whistle, a stronger burst of air will cause the folded legs to extend and deploy. At the 8th second, the full burst is released, and the paint is released from nozzles in the top of the canister in a circular, 360-degree 'mark zone'.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Grenade.

The Patent Pending EZ Grenade was invented by Steve Cockerham  of  Bronx, NY  who said,  “Put simply, the EZ Grenade offers paintball enthusiasts a far more realistic and effective, reusable and refillable grenade. It works.”
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