"The EZ Carry Pouch":

Any time one is reaching for a cellphone or other item while using a backpack frustration usually follows because of the inability to “grab” the needed item quickly. The EZ Carry Pouch is a modified carrying bag system that features an additional front-facing bag attached within a convenient backpack assembly. The design intent is to provide consumers from school children to busy commuting adults with a conveyance that allows for easier access to small personal items such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, cell phones, wallets, keys, makeup, and similar items. The EZ Carry Pouch allows users access without having to remove the backpack simply to reach these and other frequently needed accessories.

Each EZ Carry Pouch is similar in appearance to a standard backpack and fabricated of durable and breathable Gore-Tex. Each E-Z Carry Pouch backpack is essentially oval able to hold a wide array of both personal, business, and school-related items. Positioned on the back of the pack are two adjustable shoulder straps for easy transport. Each strap that loops over the shoulders has an eyelet at the top, connected to a center strap that suspends the pouch. Placed in the middle of this strap is a rectangular zippered bag to house one's frequently needed personal items. The E-Z Carry Pouch is produced in a variety of colors as well as in neutral hues of black, beige, or brown. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Carry Pouch. 
The EZ Carry Pouch is Patent Pending and was invented by Christine Bryce of Roosevelt, NY who said, “This is a user-friendly way to carry personal items when using a back pack. Backpacks are favored modes of movement by many users because they are hands-free and ease burdens on users of all ages as they move from one area to another. The EZ Carry Pouch holds items needed quickly too – it works.”

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