"The Expandable Shop Vac Hose": Eliminates Wrestling Obsolete Hard Hoses When Using a Shop Vacuum

The Expandable Shop Vac Hose is a universal hose attachment for wet/dry vacuums that incorporates an extendable, more pliable hose which can be retracted into the accompanying spool. Not limited to the spool design, other versions of the hose receptacle could also be produced. A convenient and flexible hose attachment featuring an adjustable interlocking piece to fit all shop vacs, the design intent is to provide consumers a replacement for the hard, rigid hoses currently available, and, one which allows the user to extend the hose approximately twenty-five feet from the shop vac enabling the user to safely vacuum stairs and more without having to lug the shop vac along.

The Expandable Shop Vac Hose features a durable plastic elongated tubing with accordion-type rings along the shaft to facilitate pliability. While this universal product easily adapts to any industrial vacuum model by way of an interlocking piece that can be adjusted to fit all shop vacs, another unique feature sets this product apart from common units. The outer rings of the hose contain a small perforation allowing air to enter. When this occurs, the hose can extend as well as retract and the air forces the pliable rings to expand outward and when the air leaves, the rings compact themselves. This allows the hose to retract into the attached spool. It is not limited to a spool; various receptacle designs are produced. The design of the Expandable Shop Vac Hose increases user safety. Allowing consumers to extend the hose approximately twenty-five feet from the shop vac enables them to safely vacuum stairs and reach into distant corners without the need to drag the vacuum along. In this manner, the Expandable Shop Vac Hose prevents falls from the stairs that can occur when trying to carry a heavy bulky vacuum around. Besides its virtually endless applications shop vacs can intake or expel air and can be used as a leaf blower or drying tool.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Expandable Shop Vac Hose.
The Expandable Shop Vac Hose is Patent Pending and was invented by Thomas Stramka, a retired contractor from Brooklyn, NY who said, “This unit exemplifies the word “extend” because it increases the reach of the user without having drag a cumbersome and heavy vacuum where cleaning is necessary or required and is very useful in residential home use. It compacts and stores easily between uses and serves the task of vacuuming without extra work needed by the user. Yes, it works.”

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