"The Emergency Vehicle Alert": Warns of Oncoming Emergency Vehicle in Time to Take Evasive Action

Many times a loud radio in a vehicle doesn’t allow for a swift response to an oncoming police, fire or ambulance and tragic accidents are unavoidable. In some cases, the driver, pedestrian or cyclist may have audio difficulties, but, in any case this device supplies an answer. The Emergency Vehicle Alert is a comprehensive electronic detection and warning system designed for use in emergency vehicles to warn drivers (as well as pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists) of approaching emergency vehicles including police cars, fire engines and ambulances. Both a before and aftermarket accessory, the Emergency Vehicle Alert will silence a vehicle's sound-system, or sound an alert through it (or a smartphone), as the emergency vehicle approaches warning the driver, cyclist, or walker and enable them to take immediate and appropriate evasive action.

This is an electronic, remote-sensing system operating via Radio Frequency or RF. The system can be incorporated into the design and manufacture of new motor vehicles in concert with the vehicle's GPS or produced as an aftermarket accessory for existing vehicles and motorcycles. It also is a smartphone software application for pedestrians and bicyclists who might wear the device as a Bluetooth armband or receive the warning through their earphones. The system relies upon the transmission of an RF signal from any emergency vehicle proceeding in response to a call. Fire engines, police cars and ambulances will be equipped with the transmitter while the vehicles or persons using the Alert are equipped with a corresponding, chip-sized RF receiver. When the receiver picks up the approaching emergency-vehicle's RF transmission, the Emergency Alert is activated and the alert will shut down or lower the vehicle's stereo or sound an alert through the stereo. A motorcycle rider is alerted through his or her smartphone/earphones. This same feature applies to a smartphone-app version for pedestrians and bicyclists.  In vehicles with GPS the screen indicates the exact position of the approaching emergency vehicle. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Emergency Vehicle Alert. 
The Emergency Vehicle Alert is Patent Pending and was invented by Jose Muro of Fontana, CA who said, “Safety is the name of the game for every single person and this device means everyone is safer.  It alerts others of the approach of a high-speed emergency vehicle when they might not otherwise hear a siren. Treacherous situations decrease when everyone is alert to possible dangers. The Emergency Vehicle Alert has the potential to end tragic accidents and save lives. It works.”

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