The Elf Games—New Children's Book Combines the Magic of Christmas and the Values of Sports

Entrepreneurs and husband-wife duo Chad and Mary Scott release a full-fledged North Pole winter adventure that will delight young athletes and their parents alike.

The Elf Games

­“The Elf Games” is a full-fledged winter adventure that draws from all-American pastimes in sports and the ever-endearing magic of Christmas to create a unique and whimsical world. Chad and Mary Scott’s new children’s book goes way beyond the popular concept of rewarding good behavior and being on the Nice List through a story that imparts the values of sportsmanship, imagination, and determination in a new generation of sports fanatics.

“As the owner of a multi-million dollar youth sports poster company, writing about a team of young athletes was a natural progression after my first book, 'The Poster Boy.' I grew up in a small town and remember what it was like to be an imaginative kid with big plans in faraway places. My business background and my family’s love for Christmas-time magic lead the way to “The Elf Games” and that personal connection makes this book a true passion project. I’m confident that this is the first Christmas story where Dasher and Blitzen were in the commentators’ booth,” said author Chad Scott and owner of Ultimate Team Products.

Connor and each of his nine new teammates on Santa’s Squad, including the shy Peter and the competitive Dani, are spirited athletes with unique strengths to help them. In “The Elf Games,” thanks to the power of teamwork and one very jolly Coach Claus, they take on a team of Santa’s best workers in baseball, hockey, and more to learn about the power of teamwork and resourcefulness. Vitalii Muryn’s vivid and bright illustrations weave their magic in a winter wonderland of gingerbread umpires, candy cane hockey sticks, and nutcracker referees.

“We have three children, so there was no limit to the wild imagination that went into developing the fun twists on modern sports. This book brings together many of the magical Christmas stories we’ve heard throughout the years and gives them new life using our experience in the youth sports industry. Inspired during the current Covid crisis, we used our imagination and entrepreneurial skills developed over the years to do something meaningful with our time. “The Elf Games” is a family project where we tried to bring together all of the things we love about Christmas, magic, and sports,” said Mary Scott.

Things are getting competitive at the North Pole this Christmas. To enjoy an adventure this holiday season, order “The Elf Games” here.



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