"The Electrod Bicycle": Enables and Enhances the Cyclists Ride Through the Landscape

​It take power to use so many of our mandatory devices and this is difficult for those who enjoy the outdoors and are cyclists. However, now the new Electrod Bicycle makes the difference. The Electrod Bicycle equips a bicycle with a wealth of electronic entertainment and communication features desired by today’s consumer. With a hands-free waterproof phone holder/charger, Bluetooth speaker, LED headlight, digital camera and microphone, UB port — and a long-life, on-board battery that charges through both sunlight and the cyclist’s pedaling.  The Electrod Bicycle offers a bicyclist the pleasure and exercise of cycling with all the conveniences of the Digital Age.

The bicycle derives its power generating capacity from an on-board battery-pack powered by two sources: 1) a pair of compact photo-voltaic (or solar) panels, that are incorporated into the front tube safety reflector and seat-tube safety reflector, and 2) an electric generator built into the pedal-hub (or bottom bracket and spindle) mechanism. The co-generating components supply electrical power to perform a range of functions — charging a phone or MP3 player with a mini-USB cable; powering a pair of high-lumen LED lights; powering a front and rear digital camera and more. The Electrod Bicycle also features a secure, adjustable, waterproof smartphone holder and charger mounted on the handlebars. It can be produced as a new product or as an add-on aftermarket accessory.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Electrod Bicycle.
The Patent Pending Electrod Bicycle was invented by Ernst Hyacinthe of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This bicycle enables cyclists to recharge their phones while riding, permitting them to enjoy the smartphone or MP3 players’ music through a premium, high-output speaker and to operate their phone in speakerphone mode all while keeping their hands on the handlebars. It eliminates the need for batteries and outlet chargers and enhances the cyclists sense of self-sufficiency and environmental awareness. With its built-in digital cameras, the landscape through which the rider is cycling is captured. It works perfectly.”

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