"The Elaminator": Dropped Items Are Removed From Drains Without Damage

​Every occupant of a residence (or an office) realize the problems when drains do not work properly. This new product was developed to remove stoppage problems with ease. The -Elaminator is a portable and compact, hand-held electrically powered vacuum tool, designed expressly for suctioning clogs from the drains and traps of sinks and bathtubs. It works both fast and effectively because it both powerful, and easy to use. The Elaminator pulls clogs out of drains and traps, clearing the clog without use of chemicals – and recovers items such as rings and toothpaste-tube caps that have “gone down the drain.”

The Elaminator looks like a hand-held canister type vacuum cleaner and is tough and sturdy as well as scratch and impact resistant because it is manufactured of an injection molded thermoplastic. The contoured handle contains the motor and suction fan, the exhaust air-vent and thumb-slide power switch. The bottom of the canister bottle features a round, rubber gasket valve to which the flexible rubber vacuum hose is attached. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Elaminator.
The Patent Pending Elaminator was invented by Adonis Elam, Sr. of Lansing, IL who said, “The Elaminator eliminates clogs and removes material from drains. I have dealt with clogged sinks and bath tub drains over the years and the Elaminator works perfectly because it sucks/vacuums out—whatever—hair, toothpaste caps, small toys, small jewelry items and similar things that have caused a drain to stop working.”

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