The Edge Consultancy Announces a New Win-Win Strategy for System Searches

​The Edge Consultancy is bringing to market a new methodology for conducting core, payments, and ancillary system searches that revolutionizes the process. Our consultants will guide your team through a program that will ensure your credit union chooses the right system partner in half the time and with significantly lower consulting fees.

Our new system search process has four main components:

Our proprietary Decision by Design program is utilized to create internal alignment on the requirements for your specific needs. We take that input and create a streamlined RFP for the potential system partners, specifically designed to your needs but without the common, non-value-added questions concerning basic operations of a system. We attack the real core issues and priorities, so the focus of the selection process is on what's is important to your strategy and culture. This step will save your credit union and your partner an immense amount of time and set the stage for a strong and collaborative partnership. 

We use our data base and collective industry knowledge to determine the top 3 or 4 system partners for your size credit union and for unique characteristics, and we send the system vendors a very specific RFP.

After we analyze the responses and support your meetings with potential partners, we once again utilize our Decision by Design process with your team and the system partner to set system priorities and to create an implementation plan.  This process cuts the time in half, is less expensive and creates a Win-Win relationship with vendor. The old methodology was long, expensive and created animosity.

Kirk Kordeleski, Senior Managing Partner, said, “I used this strategy at Bethpage FCU (at the time $1.5B credit union) and it enable us to choose a system in 6 months and convert in 9, while all the while building a partnership with our vendor. It works and we know how to do it.”

The Edge’s system search methodology will ensure your credit union chooses the right partner, at the right price, implements your new system on your schedule and creates a partnership with your chosen vendor.

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