"The Easy Wrap": Security With a Purpose on Costly Gift Wrap Packaging

Gift bags do not work for many items and gift wrap is the key to the perfect package.  However, gift wrap in rolls can be ruined during storage unless real care is taken. The Easy Wrap is a line of security attachments configured specifically to fasten around a roll of gift wrap, keeping the paper in place. Offered in different sizes and designs to accommodate various roll sizes and occasions, the design intent is to offer consumers a practical means of preventing wrapping paper from unrolling, wrinkling, or tearing, and one which does not require the use of damaging tape or rubber bands.

The Easy Wrap is fabricated of a durable yet pliable plastic or sturdy cardboard material that offers a handy open slot to facilitate application and removal of the ring and comes in several sizes to accommodate various roll configurations and in addition, each unit contains a small elastic looped cord on one side of the opening and used to fasten to an opposing hook to secure the unit around a roll. Several hooks could be positioned in a row down the center of the unit, so The Easy Wrap can be adjusted to fit the roll as the gift wrap is used and becomes smaller. In addition, larger units could feature a hinged back to allow the unit a wider grasp for oversized rolls. Attractive as well as practical, The Easy Wrap is produced in a variety of fun and funky colors, as well as standard white or basic clear plastic. Moreover, the line is available in customized stylings, with decorative accents celebrating holidays such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and others to identify the type of wrap enclosed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Easy Wrap.
The Easy Wrap is Patent Pending and was invented by Rhonda Moncada, Julie Rae Moncada and Mario A. Moncada, co-inventors living in Hesperia, CA who said, “The Easy Wrap neatly secures the loose ends of paper rolls and protects it when not in storage. It doesn’t tape or rubber bands and keeps the gift wrap from fraying, wrinkled or torn. It is cost effective and it works.”

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