"The Easy Lock Shoelace": Decorative Clip Secures Elastic Shoelaces Before, After and While Shoes Are Worn

Imagine a way to wear sneakers and other laced up shoes without having to spend time lacing and unlacing the shoes. The Easy Lock Shoelace, a line of attachable shoelace clips, that are specially designed to keep the elastic laces continuously secured. This line makes laced shoes easier to wear, extends the use of the shoelaces and offers a decorative shoe accessory. The Easy Lock Shoelace creates “slip-on shoes with laces”.

Compact in size and fashioned of a durable metal material, the Easy Lock Shoelace is a cylindrical unit with dimensions of approximately 1 inch in length and 3/32 inch in circumference. The two-part assembly includes a male tip attachment for one end of an elastic lace which is matched with a female attachment for the other lace end. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest in the Easy Lock Shoelace. 
The Patent Pending Easy Lock Shoelace was invented by Richard Burian of Gardena, CA, who said, “The Easy Lock Shoelace is extremely easy to use. After lacing the ends of the elastic laces through the final eyelet, the male end is inserted into the female component, locking the unit into place. Twisting the moving, adjustable fixture on the female end allows the Easy Lock Shoelace to tighten the laces to the desired strength. One need only twist the adjuster in the opposite direction to loosen.”

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