"The Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe": Secure Potty Product Provides Safe and Comfortable Use

Using public bathrooms can be a hassle for everyone.  Most females particularly dislike having to “sit” on a toilet that is not their own. That emotion or feeling can change when this product is in use. The Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe is a product line of single-use, disposable toilet-seat covers for use in public restrooms. Lined with a spongy material for softness, equipped with peel-and-stick adhesive backing strips, featuring a pull tab for germ free removal and including a flushable wipe, the Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe would spare consumers from having to sit directly on toilet seats and from having to use the toilet tissue in public restrooms, thus protecting them from lingering disease-carrying germs. Simple, affordable, and hygienic, this product would enable consumers to use public restrooms in a sanitary manner with confidence and peace of mind.

The Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe has an oblong or rounded ring-shape like that found on standard toilet seats. It is made of an impermeable non -stick sanitary paper with a thin cushioned undercoating of a spongy material and a middle layer of 100% organic cotton. It com in a variety of attractive colors and print patterns – flowers, stars, and animal prints. The Easy Breeze seat-cover is underlain by several strategically-placed strips of peel-and-stick adhesive backing to ensure a secure attachment to the toilet-seat. Hypo-allergenic and scent-free, the Easy Breeze seat-covers are packaged in a rectangular, roll-able, flat plastic zip-locked sleeve with a separate zip-locking compartment for the folding, extra-long, unscented wipes – wipes that eliminate the need to use the toilet-tissue in public restrooms. Each Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe unit is packaged separately within the main sleeve, so that the user can take just one set – seat and wipes – into the restroom. After use, simply discard. The Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe is sold in multi-unit packs; and the colors, patterns, and prints on the seat-covers might vary according to the intended market: parents potty-training youngsters; women; men; students; travelers and the elderly. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe­.

The Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe is Patent Pending and was invented by Lesley Clay of Las Vegas, NV who said, “Consumers are aware of the numerous viruses and diseases in our world today and, as such, are cautious when the need for a public bathroom is necessary. The Easy Breeze-Plus Wipe solves problems faced when away from home and needing to use a public restroom. It works perfectly.”

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