"The Easy Arrow": A Road Sign to Take Anywhere

​The Easy Arrow is a portable sign shaped like an arrow that is specially designed to help safely direct traffic through highway construction zones. It is designed to provide a reusable road sign that helps protect against accidents in construction areas after dark. To add to its high visibility, the Easy Arrow is made from a rubber, non-slip textured material and will have a reflective surface. The measurements of the sign will be four and a half feet in length by a foot wide.

The Easy Arrow will be lightweight and moveable and simply placed flat onto a highway surface, with additional arrows added in a forward pattern to map the safest route for traffic to take. So, when a vehicle's headlights pick up the reflection from the Easy Arrow, the motorist is instantly alerted to slow down and follow the signs. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Easy Arrow.

The Patent Pending Easy Arrow was invented by Amulfo and Martha Valenzuela of Perris, CA who said, “I have seen vehicles going in the wrong directions in construction zones, and thought that this will help. It is lightweight and can be placed in a matter of minutes.”
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