"The E-Z Heat Roadway": Takes Control of Cold and Wet Weather Problems

Winter weather brings with it problems for many and requires hard work to keep areas clear of ice and snow. There is a way for this to be simpler.  The E-Z Heat Roadway would equip rooftops, buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, roadways, and more, with the capability to heat up sufficiently to melt ice and snow, via a chemical reaction. Installed over the surface or mixed with the surface material; concrete, asphalt, pavers, etc.; and utilizing solar panels to charge and activate particles, these particles will produce heat for the surface, melting away snow and ice, thus making winter weather easier to manage, and safer for all consumers.

The system is to be set in place either at the time that the underlayment – typically stones or gravel – is put in for a road, sidewalk or driveway or can be installed over the surface or mixed in with the surface material (concrete, asphalt, pavers, etc.) impregnating these materials with a chemical which are activated by a wireless chargeable power to produce heat. The solar power can be utilized where the electrical wired power is not available. The solar power unit will get its power source from day light and produce wirelessly chargeable power to particles, thereby heating the asphalt or concrete overlayment and melting away snow and ice. At regular intervals along the roadway, sidewalk, or driveway there are solar panel towers to enable sunlight to charge solar panel units, which can power particles wirelessly. This system can be switched on and off by an individual or via a computerized system. The system operates both automatically, through the light sensors or on-demand. The solar tower unit has the option for hard wire installation. Once activated, the particles are charged and produce heat for the surface. (This smaller version of the unit can be installed in front of chain stores, hospitals, schools, etc.). Once the E-Z Heat Roadway is in place, the road, sidewalk, building, roof, or driveway takes care of itself and melts away snow and ice, year after year. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the E-Z Heat Roadway. 
The E-Z Heat Roadway is Patent Pending and was invented by Tuncay Cetinkaya of Astoria, NY who said, “Physical labor is eliminated when this system is in play and it also prevents falls and even heart attacks unfortunately brought about by shoveling on some individuals. It will save dollars in annual plowing and snow-removal costs as well. Anyone living in snow country will benefit from the E-Z Heat Roadway.”

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