"The Dozer Den ": A Drying Pen Following Dog's Bath

​While dog owners might question the word holding area, if they bathe their pets at home, then it is certain they are aware of the traditional dog racing around to get dried off.  The Dozer Den prevents the water from being distributed behind the pet everywhere he or she has run. The Dozer Den is a walled “holding area” specially designed to keep dogs in one place immediately after a bath. It features a microfiber, machine washable cover for the floor pad and is designed to provide dog owners with an easy and effective means of containing pets after a bath preventing them from rubbing themselves on carpets and couches in an attempt to dry off. Best of all, it doesn’t leave the home or apartment with the unpleasant wet dog smell so often found when beloved canines work to dry themselves after a bath.

The Dozer Den is a playpen-style frame with four panels connecting together to form a square unit. It has an opening on one side for the canine to enter and which can be closed to secure the pet inside. The Dozer Den’s floor is lined with a soft durable microfiber mat that provides a rubbing area for the wet dog that is easily removable and machine-washable. The base of the floor features suction cup feet for hardwood floors and the like or standard feet to be used on carpeted areas. Dozer Den is available in three sizes to handle small, medium and large dogs. It also comes in various colors and can be sold in kit form to assemble when needed.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Dozer Den.
The Patent Pending Dozer Den was invented by Elana Rose Emerson of Rosamond, CA who said, “The Dozer Den is an instant enclosed area in which to keep rambunctious pets after they have been bathed. As a holding area for the pet, it allows the animal to rub itself on the soft microfiber matting during the dog’s drying efforts. It works perfectly.”

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