"The DiVitale Plow": Eliminates Hand Shoveling or Paying for Snow Removal

​Attention motorists! During those cold snowy days of winter the ability to move into the driveway can be difficult until the snow has been cleared, however, if this new unit is involved, it will be a snap. The DiVitale Plow is an easily compacted, aftermarket accessory snowplow designed for use with cars, vans, SUVs, and pickups. The DiVitale Plow offers motorists an easy-on, easy-off plow system for use with virtually any passenger motor vehicle thus permitting a motorist to clear his or her own snow filled driveway or parking space. This is unusual because it fits a broad range of vehicles not normally equipped for plowing snow.
The DiVatale Plow has adjustable straps made with a shock-absorbing rubber backing and a tough weatherproof polyester outer layer that fasten securely over the bumpers and lock into the plow attachment. There is a middle triangular piece that lessens pressure when shifting snow. The plow panels are sloped back at a 15º angle and made from recycled material with hinged plates that fold out to help catch excess snow from pushing over the  top of the plow. The bottom panels are adjustable in height. The rear plow is also attached inside the trunk of the  vehicle and the plow panels have ridged support bars and clips to also allow for manual shovel usage. Televisedtest marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the DiVitale Plow.
The Patent Pending DiVitale Plow was invented by Anthony Vitale of Holtsville, NY who said, “This plow eliminates the need to hire a plowing contractor and better yet eliminates shoveling by hand. It doesn’t scratch the paint and folds down to compact size for easy storage when plow is not in use. It works perfectly.”

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