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LED lighting is an important part of the smart city, which is the development direction of lighting in the future. LED products sense environment change, automatically adjust light intensity, improving lighting quality, saving energy and reducing emissions, providing an intelligent environment for work, life and study. These are essential features for intelligent lighting.

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With the putting forward of the concept of intelligent development of the country and the popularization of the concept of the smart home, the intelligent lighting industry has a good development prospect in the fields of home, office, business and public facilities. In order to make people avoid the phenomenon of "Changing Lamp" through intelligent and automatic management, YooLighting's innovation has created all kinds of intelligent lighting switches, and a new intelligent lighting control system has been introduced to allow intelligent control of lighting equipment, which can achieve intelligent, energy-saving, safe, and efficient lighting.

1. Be of the main driving force of a smart city

LED lighting as an important part of the smart city, which is the development direction of lighting in the future. LED products sense environment change, automatically adjusting light intensity to improve lighting quality while saving energy and reducing emissions -- providing an intelligent environment for work, life and study. These are essential features for intelligent lighting.

Different from the single control of traditional lighting, YooLighting bulbs can realize Induction Control -- an intelligent control effect that provides  free dimming. Not only does it help protect the environment, but also it provides excellent protection to the human eye.

2. Intelligent adaptation to decoration style

A comfortable lighting environment and rich function selection can provide users with comfortable environment and service.

The recovery of light color by a YooLighting bulb can make the home look new. Furniture, wallpaper and tile home decoration colors can be restored to bright colors, which can give the comfort of being at a new home at all times.

3. More pure, more humanized intelligent lighting

YooLighting is based on the study of human behavior, visual efficacy and visual physiology and psychology, developing more scientific content. People-oriented intelligent lighting products with high efficiency, comfort and health. Intelligent research around the human experience will become a crucial part of product development. The combination of intelligent technology and lighting makes lighting further meet the lighting needs of different individuals and different levels of groups. It is an indispensable technical means to make lighting from meeting the needs of ordinary people to meeting the needs of individuals and personalities.

YooLighting -- whether it's a technology or a product, which must be "people-centered." Paying attention to the needs of people themselves,providing lighter, brighter, more comfortable choices.

4. The Development of Lighting embodies individualization

Nowadays, consumers have a variety of personalities and preferences,a single function can't be satisfied. The personalized setting of products will undoubtedly be a bright spot to attract consumers. According to the personality preferences of users, intelligent lighting products can also provide personalized services in order to become the mainstream trend of future consumption. Therefore, the development of individualization should also be a development trend of intelligent lighting.

YooLighting is firmly focused on the user experience:

(一)Intelligent lighting energy saving: almost all LED lighting adopts energy-saving light source, and energy-saving lamps are widely used to replace the high-energy-consuming thermal radiation light source, which is in line with the demand of green energy.

(二)Intelligent lighting module: The same series of modules can derive wall lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps and other applications, unified style, cost saving, easily replace. The adaptability and application of YooLighting products in different lamp types are fully reflected.

(三)Intelligent lighting simplification: Simplification has become the trend of industrial design, and the characteristics of energy-saving point light sources are more conducive to the simplicity and size of functional lamps and lanterns. The YooLighting LED Light bulb is rich in variety, simple in structure and diverse in series, offering the space to choose for users.

 5. Development trend of Technology Integration

The combination of intelligent technology and electronic ballasts and other new lighting sources and technologies will build a new lighting technology platform, and its application fields from smart home lighting to intelligent urban lighting have unlimited prospects.

6. Realization brand integration

There is a wide range of lighting products in the market. Intelligent lighting products have a higher probability of problems than traditional lighting ones because of their higher technology. Moreover, the customer in the performance and price are the choice standard of a product, ​Lighting, through reasonable prices and excellent quality control, combining with factory outlets and complete service system, offers users a secure purchase experience.

7. Intelligent lighting health

More and more multifunctional lamps adopt diffuse reflection, reducing glare. Some products even consider using different spectra to adapt to all kinds of human activities. In a word, healthy and comfortable lighting is the embodiment of humanized design of lamps and lanterns; in the future lighting materials selection, such as dilapidated iron sheet and wire, waste paperboard and foam board, waste wine bottles and beverage bottles and other environmentally friendly materials, the ecological concept of recycling has been realized. Healthy, energy-saving and green lighting lamps and lanterns are necessary for families in the new period. The "intelligent series", "healthy series" and "energy saving series" launched by YooLighting have outstanding research and development results, and the market response is good.

8. Intelligent lighting artistry

The lamps and lanterns containing artistry have the function of edifying sentiment, rendering the quality of life, and can also become a work of art, and it is also the ultimate pursuit of designers to make the cultural core and modern science and technology become natural. Therefore, intelligent lighting should not only realize the good practicability and performance-price ratio of the product, but also align with the concepts of energy saving, artistic innovation and technological characteristics.

9. Intelligent lighting marketization

Compared with home, the office and business environment is obviously more suitable for efficient and energy-saving intelligent lighting. Therefore, at a time when the Chinese intelligent market is not yet mature, the application field of intelligent lighting is mainly concentrated in the fields of business and public facilities, the adoption and use of intelligent lighting in the fields of hotels, exhibition venues, municipal engineering and road traffic. But this situation will gradually be reversed, with the development of domestic intelligent lighting research and development technology and the increase of product promotion. Intelligent Lighting applications in the home field are expected to be popularized. Its application field from smart home lighting to intelligent urban lighting has unlimited prospects, and is creating a brand-new high-tech and highly scientific thought culture in the field of lighting.

The series of products introduced by YooLighting can adapt to the lighting demands of different occasions, and the application in the scene is excellent. Combining the needs of intelligent market and smart home, a series of lighting products with many aspects, multiple styles and multiple applications have been introduced.

10. More value-added services

The huge added value of intelligent lighting will also change the pattern of the industry. The essence of intelligent lighting is electronic and networked, which can not only realize the intelligent control of lighting system and realize the basic functions of automatic adjustment and scene lighting -- it is also an entrance to the internet, which gives rise to more value-added services, such as health management, map positioning, commodity shopping and advertising, etc. In the future, there will be a major change in the ecology of the lighting industry.

YooLighting is a leading China LED light manufacturer, which is a professional lighting company that integrates R&D, production and sales. The company always pays attention to the product demands of the market, the application structure of the material, and the comprehensive user experience, which is increasing the research and development of products, creating a number of innovative scientific applications of a wide range of products. Intelligent lighting has not yet been widely used at this time, giving many consumers a new experience. A strong scientific research team and an integrated sales system are the best guarantees for the product.

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