"The Dento Box": Improves Dental Hygiene by Protecting Against Airborne Contaminants

Oral hygiene is a current and constant need of every individual. The Dento Box is a compact, sanitary container in which up to six toothbrushes may be stored and sealed between uses, within individually sealed compartments contained within a single attractive unit. Providing numbered or color-coded compartments within which to keep individual toothbrushes clean and free of airborne debris, bacteria, and germs, the Dento Box would provide a level of dental hygiene far superior to that presently existing in most household bathrooms.

The Dento Box is fabricated in food-grade, injection-molded plastic in a slim, cylindrical appearance with rounded edges and a compartmentalized snap-sealing hinged lid. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. After each use of the toothbrush, the user simply inserts the brush into the Dento Box, handle first, and then snaps the corresponding sealing lid shut. The Dento Box comes in a variety of colors allowing families to “color code” their boxes to correspond with their own toothbrush and avoid any mix ups. In addition, the individually sealing lids can be numbered, with each person having their own number designated compartment. The fully enclosed unit helps to eliminate the problem of toothbrushes picking bacterial contaminants from the environment in the bathroom. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Dento Box.
The Dento Box is Patent Pending and was invented by Khaled Ben Ali of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This is easy-to-use and the stylish, streamlined appearance is suitable in any bathroom.  It provides better toothbrush hygiene meaning it also provides better oral hygiene. It works perfectly.”

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