"The Deluxe Folding Hideaway": Provides Perfect Pet Play Area for Pet Owners Living in Limited Space

Every good pet owner wants to allow sufficient play and exercise space for his or her pet. While this can be difficult for the person living in a small unit, the Deluxe Folding Hideaway may be the answer. The Deluxe Folding Hideaway is a compactable and easily portable play space for small pets. The design intent is to provide pet owners who live in small spaces with a fully functional amusement area for their animals that can be easily folded and hidden away under the bed or in a closet between uses. The Deluxe Folding Hideaway is offered in various sizes, with the smallest unit to be used alone or as an add-on attachment for more play space.

Fabricated of a durable cardboard material this rectangular product can be extended to a larger space. While dimensions reflect the working prototype for the Deluxe Folding Hideaway, various sizes are offered to accommodate pets such as rabbits, small cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. The smaller units can be used alone or in conjunction with a larger unit to increase the size of the play area. Each edge of the unit features a “wall” joined to the main area via a folding crease. These edges are extended and folded downward to lend the unit structure. Incorporated into these walls are arched cutouts serving as entrances and exits to the unit along with handy ramp extensions for the pets to access the roof of the Hideaway. The latter area is peppered with maze-type walls along with resting ledges, “peek holes,” and clever entrances to tunnels included beneath the roof. The walls and ledges fold down flat when needed. A convenient carrying handle to facilitate transport is included. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Deluxe Folding Hideaway. 
The Deluxe Folding Hideaway is Patent Pending and was invented by Alana Smith of River Forest, IL who said, “This is a functional area providing the space needed for a beloved pet to exercise and obtain space needed to play. It can be placed in an unobtrusive space when not in use and yet allow the pet to play and have a great time when set up. Frisky pups, middle aged and adult seniors, will all enjoy and find delight in the  Hideaway. It works.”

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