"The Deluxe Automatic Poop Scooper": AKA D.A.P.S. for Single-Handed Collection of Pet Waste

​Attention dog walkers, dog owners, dog lovers!  Since a dog doesn’t use diapers it usually only takes a short walk to help them relieve themselves. The new Deluxe Automatic Poop Scooper AKA D.A.P.S. is perfect for picking up the dog waste. It is an elongated, adjustable in length, rechargeable dot and pet waste collection device boasting an integrated vacuum which suctions waste matter off the ground into a pre-loaded disposable waste bag. It is complete with a sanitizing solution dispenser. The design intent is to provide consumers with a simple and sanitary tool with which to single-handedly collect and discard animal waste.

The D.A.P.S.  is comfortable to hold and can be implemented with just one hand. It is a portable unit comprised of a cylindrically shaped vacuum featuring an elongated extendable nozzle enabling the user to retrieve pet waste while standing upright. A shatterproof and weather-resistant ABS plastic material houses the electronic motor. A looped wristband extends from the top of the handle enabling the user to transport the device in a hands-free manner. There are three suction settings from light, medium to strong, and these allow the user to modify the suction according to the size or quantity of waste. The D.A.P.S comes in different diameters in order to accommodate different dog breeds.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Deluxe Automatic Poop Scooper AKA D.A.P.S.
The Patent Pending Deluxe Automatic Poop Scooper AKA D.A.P.S. was invented by Sheila Gordon of Brooklyn, NY who said, “The end of the nozzle head of the D.A.P.S has a dispenser jet that disperses a sanitizing solution which eradicates waste reside and kills germs and bacteria while also eliminating odors. Hands are kept clean when removing waste and the pet lover will appreciate their dog even more because it works perfectly.”

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