The Culture of Atlanta Affecting Change by Giving Back

​The Culture of Atlanta’s associates have been affecting change in their community by giving back. According to Rodney, the company Director of Operations, the team is collecting clothes to be donated.

Supporting the community is an important part of The Culture of Atlanta’s identity, Rodney indicated. He and his people want to make a positive impact on the world around them. Most recently, they have realized this vision by running a charity box within the office. The team has been donating clothes which will go to various organizations.

"Giving back is not something we feel obligated to do; it's simply embedded in our company culture,” Rodney explained. “I'm extremely proud of the fact that the entire team gets involved. Everyone gets excited about filling each box. It is inspiring to work with such caring and generous people.”

"Giving back is not something we feel obligated to do; it's simply embedded in our company culture."


Director of Operations

Rodney indicated that every cause The Culture of Atlanta supports is selected by the firm’s team members. They nominate nonprofit organizations they care about. Then, as a group, they select which causes they will work with in the coming months. This ensures that their efforts to give back always have personal meaning.

“This approach gets everyone interested in helping out,” Rodney asserted. “We have excellent participation. I credit most of this to our culture of giving back. However, I think a lot also comes from our process of selecting causes. It is wonderful to know how much my associates get out of these events.”

The Culture of Atlanta’s Director Discussed the Benefits of Philanthropy

Giving back to the community is often viewed as purely altruistic; however, Rodney indicated that The Culture of Atlanta gets a lot out of it too. Perhaps the simplest of these benefits is the positivity that fills the office whenever the team is supporting a cause.

“Helping others also strengthens our foundations in the community,” he continued. “The city and the people in it support us in so many ways. By giving back, we are enhancing our connection to that community. We also make Atlanta a better place to live for everyone.”

He asserted that people prefer to work at businesses with strong values. Supporting the community offers a strong incentive to not only join The Culture of Atlanta’s team but also to stay with it.

“Community services makes our workplace more positive,” Rodney concluded. “Today’s professionals are increasingly motivated by purpose and values. Opportunity and compensation alone aren’t enough anymore. That is why we complete our proposition to team members with our culture, including giving back. We get excited about coming to work each day because we are making an impact.”

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