The Culture of Atlanta Focuses Talent on 2018 Success

The Culture of Atlanta's Director of Operations detailed 2017s biggest accomplishments and the importance of setting ambitious goals. He also outlined expansion plans for 2018.

“This has been a hugely successful year for us,” stated Rodney J., the Director of Operations at The Culture of Atlanta. “We’ve been able to get situated and really make an impact on the people of Atlanta. We’re right at home in this market, learning to take advantage of all the potential it offers. I have no doubt that our team members will carry the positive momentum into an even bigger 2018.”

Company leaders understand the importance of setting the bar high for future growth and professional development. The Director remarked, “We establish aggressive objectives for The Culture of Atlanta as a whole, but we also encourage our promotional experts to improve right along with the company. We’re all in this together, after all, so it’s essential that we continue to challenge ourselves to get better. As our team members build on their unique strengths, we reach new heights for our firm and for the brands we represent.”

Being as clear as possible is emphasized in The Culture of Atlanta’s goal-setting approach. “This allows us to honestly evaluate the progress we’re making,” Rodney added. “If we know exactly what we’re trying to do and the steps we need to take, we can make meaningful adjustments in real time. We’ve found that the clearer the vision we have of success, the greater the chance we will achieve it.”

"This has been a hugely successful year for us,"


Director of Operations

The Culture of Atlanta’s Director of Operations on Growth Objectives for 2018

The larger emphasis on ambitious goals is reflected in Rodney’s plans for growth in the year to come. He explained, “We’re looking to develop an additional 10 leaders within our office to take advantage of two potential additions to our portfolio. I also expect three promotions to the management level as we size up new markets for further expansion.”

A second location within Atlanta is also on Rodney’s 2018 agenda. The Director commented, “There are so many people to reach here in Atlanta, so we’re focused on enhancing our company’s reputation in the area. As our name implies, we want to become synonymous with this vibrant city through our fresh approach to promotions. With another office, we’ll be able to build recognition for ourselves and for the many innovative brands we promote. It’s an exciting time to be part of our family.”

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