"The Crab Helper Tool": Assists Cracking Shells of Hard-to-Access Shellfish.

​The bountiful beauty of the sea makes for delicious food on the plate and table but sometimes seafood such as Crab Legs are difficult to open making for less enjoyment of the dish. The Crab Helper Tool ends some of that struggle. It is a specially designed attachment for a shellfish opener which functions as an additional assistive implement which helps to cut or slice the shell open after cracking it. The design intent is to provider lovers of crab and similar seafood with an easier means of accessing all the meat within the hard shells. When using this tool, the tender meat is not left in the shell but easily retrieved and eaten.

The Crab Helper Tool can be attached to an existing crab leg cracker or can be integrated at the point of manufacture. The tool itself is stainless steel and has a slotted blade unit attached at the distal end of the shell cracker. After cracking the shell, the tool can be slid beneath the top and with a simple push forward slices open the shell, exposing the tender meat. This process can be repeated as often as needed. In addition, a handy crab meat retrieving tool can be attached to the leg of the crab cracker offering a simple mean of easily removing the delicious crab meat. It is an invaluable accessory for those enjoying their favorite foods and eliminates the need to wield a knife to fully reach and remove all of the meat.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Crab Helper Tool.
The Patent Pending Crab Helper Tool was invented by John Ceresani of Cherry Hill, NJ who said, “Anytime there is a way to enhance and simplify eating shellfish it will be appreciated by the diner.  The Crab Helper Tool assists users in slicing open cracked legs and similar fare. It speeds up the process of obtaining the sweet tender meat making it even more of a tasty delicacy. The Crab Helper Tool works.”

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