'The Continuous Feed Hypodermic Syringe' With Self Contained Cartridge

A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease such as the flu epidemic requires swift attention, and this is particularly so when it is a pandemic outbreak, so this device has more than financial application; it can prove to be a lifesaver for children and adults receiving vaccines needed for the prevention of debilitating diseases and illnesses. The CFHS works equally well for treating animals as an overall prevention. Vaccinations are far less costly than the cure.  The Continuous Feed Hypodermic Syringe with Self Contained Cartridge is a hypodermic syringe with multiple, single-use cartridges successively loaded within for providing rapid dispensing of a medication to numerous users without the possibility of contamination. It is designed for sterility, simplicity, speed, and safety whenever large groups require injections. The CFHS is a disposable syringe at a lower cost and, by replacing the needle with a nozzle at the point of manufacture, can be adapted for oral, optic, and nasal use. The CFHS is also beneficial to the field of animal husbandry as well as military and refugee medical staff.

All items required for one vaccination are pre-packaged in a separate cartridge joined together with twenty-four cartridges to a clip in the Continuous Feed Hypodermic Syringe with Self Contained Cartridge system. The cartridges are continuously fed through the syringe for the quick and efficient inoculation of patients. Each cartridge is pierced when the piston is released and a medicinal reservoir, accordion sleeve, and fresh needle are also inside. The clip is manually inserted into the breach in the hand-powered device where cocking the hammer ejects the used cartridge, replacing it with a fresh one. The operator then pulls the trigger for the next injection. No additional power sources are required and sterility is maintained under all field conditions. The syringe and cartridge dispenser maintain a sterile environment during successive vaccinations, reducing the transmission of any disease from patient to patient. As such, each needle is stored in liquid disinfectant in a collapsible bellowed sheath and after completion of a procedure, the needle is returned into the cartridge for safe disposal with all used parts. A spring surrounding the needle aids the sheath in returning the used needle safely back into the cartridge. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Continuous Feed Hypodermic Syringe with Self Contained Cartridge.  

The Continuous Feed Hypodermic Syringe with Self Contained Cartridge is Patented and was invented by Arthur Harris, a former United States Army Medic, of New York, N.Y., who said, “This gives the ability for a single operator to vaccinate multitudes without requiring additional equipment or personnel. It is ideal to instruct and supervise low-level operators giving inoculations while it frees up doctors, nurses and trained technicians. It works.”

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