"The Compass and Square and Rabbit Ears": Prideful Display of Eye-Catching Emblems for Mason Members

Taking price in one’s hobbies or lifework is important. The Compass and Square and Rabbit Ears is a product line of eye-catching, highly appealing, LED-lighted, battery and solar energy powered emblems and fixtures designed to mount easily to any automobile and will please members of the Masonic Orders. The emblems and accent-lights, easily changed in color via remote control, offer users a vehicle for self-expression and pride as well as attractive, illuminated ornamentation for home, car or office.

The Compass and Square and Rabbit Ears presents a product line of LED-lighted emblems and ornamental accent lights, each of which is attractive and distinctive and designed to appeal to a specific target market. The focus is the Compass and Square– the universally recognized symbol of the Masonic Orders – in which the compass and square are lighted with blue LEDs and the central “G” lighted with white LEDs. The LEDs will produce a “super-bright glow” from within the compass-square, and central “G,” and these will be powered by a 12-volt power source, either through a power-cord and plug, or through a concealed battery-pack. The Compass and Square is produced in several sizes, all suitable for display in a variety of locations from a living-room, study, or office wall, to a wall or entryway in a Lodge, to a large version suitable for display on an exterior wall or in a yard. Models of the Compass and Square intended for outdoor use are equipped with one or more solar panels with batteries during available to provide illumination throughout the night. The Compass and Square clearly appeals to the members of Masonic Orders and Masonic Lodges within the United States and around the world. Other products in the line will include, “The Order of the Eastern Star,” “Rabbit Ears,” and “Windshield Wiper Lights”. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Compass and Square and Rabbit Ears. 
The Compass and Square and Rabbit Ears is Patent Pending and was invented by Lionell Conner of Chicago, IL who said, “This is unique and helps identify members of a Masonic Order.  The Compass and Square and Rabbit Ears came into being when my Grand Master asked for aid from the members to fund our Lodge. This works perfectly and looks good too.”

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