"The Comb Shower Head": Cleans, Conditions and Untangles Hair From Roots to Ends

This new device is a winner in the race for ease of shampooing and conditioning of the hair. It is easy to install without tools and will be a welcome addition to every bathroom. The Comb Shower Head equips a shower, sink, or bathtub with a shower head style, flow-through hair-comb, and flexible hose through which water flows making the act of washing, conditioning, and combing one's hair, easier, more enjoyable, more effective, and more convenient. This is an ideal accessory for any household, the Comb Shower Head can also be used outside of the shower when one simply needs to wet the hair for styling or other care.
The device consists of a flexible, four-foot rubber hose with a universal attachment at one end – suitable for temporary or long-term mounting over a shower pipe, a bathtub spout, or a sink faucet – and a unique, flow-through comb head. The Comb Shower Head is made of synthetic or vulcanized rubber for the hose and pipe-mount and injection-molded thermoplastic for the comb head. The Comb Shower Head features the four-foot flexible rubber hose and pipe, spout, or tap-mounting flange and the Comb Head itself, will be a total of 12 inches in length with 5½ inches equipped with 9 to 12 comb teeth or tines. Water will flow through the hose and handle of the Comb Head and out through tiny water output nozzles situated between the comb teeth along the shaft of the handle. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Comb Shower Head. 
The Comb Shower Head is Patent Pending and was invented by Vernon Johnson of Bronx, NY who said, “I designed this to improve the everyday process of washing one’s hair. This works both for the shampoo and conditioner and permitting the user to clean/shampoo and condition all in one easy movement which will result in the hair wash process being completed quicker.  It is easy to use, versatile and convenient. Every home should have one. It works.”
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