"The Clothes Saver": Revolutionizes Time and Space for Laundry Convenience

​There is nothing quite like the fragrance of clothes that have been air dried outdoors in the sunlight because they are filled with freshness. The new Clothes Saver is a specially designed clothes line with an integrated “hanger line” that feature a series of “V” shaped hanger holder which allow garments to be suspended via a hanger in its own space. The design intent is to provide an easier and more effective means of attending to laundry chores and clothing management by providing a neater, more secure, and space-saving means of air drying laundry while eliminating the hassles of clothespins.

The Clothes Saver comes in lengths ranging from 25’ to 50’ and is a dual line, the top with a linear construction is fashioned of durable nylon that is approximately 1/8” in diameter. Extending below is the hanger line that consists of a series of “V” shapes which are fashioned of cotton and measure ¼” in diameter. The V sections have eyelet options as well, which provide additional stability. It is a universal clothes line that is improved from the traditional design and ideal for in large backyards, on tiny terraces or even inside a laundry room. It is easy to install and ready for use in a matter of seconds. There is no need to stretch garments along a line and secure them with clothespins because the Clothes Saver is able to reduce the space between clothes to a compact 2 & ½ inches, thus facilitating the hanging of more garments while still leaving room for suspending larger items such as sheets and blankets.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Clothes Saver.
The Patent Pending Clothes Saver was invented by Jean Claude Pierre of Brooklyn, NY who said, “The Clothes Saver eliminates typical problems when using clothespins—such as the marking of clothes and inefficient security. Users need not worry their laundry will fall to the ground. Better yet, since the garments are already neatly hung on a hanger it ends the process of unpinning, gathering, folding, and placing on hangers, garments go directly from the lines to the closet. It works perfectly.”

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