"The Click Car": A Fun and Educational Puzzle for Kids

​Attention parents and caregivers. There is a new device that combines fun and education for an enjoyable, interactive learning experience for a youngster.  The Click Car is a line of specially designed toy cars that can be dismantled and put back together, just like a real car, with all parts made to “click” together, back in place. The design intent is to provide children with a fun and entertaining toy that is realistic and educational, and allows them to take a vehicle apart without destroying it, and then piece it back together, like a puzzle.

The Click Car line consists of three (3) simulated vehicular models: an SUV, a sedan, and a sports car, and made available in a variety of makes, models, and colors. It is made of a durable yet safe plastic material. Configured with pegs that click into place for easy removal and attachment, the detachable components of each form are comprised of the frame of the vehicle, along with its wheels and doors, and many other vehicle parts. Additional replacement body parts will be available. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Click Car.
The Patent Pending Click Car was invented by Yakup Usta of Levittown, PA who said, “My little boy was constantly playing with and breaking his toy vehicles. He would then bring them to me to fix. It seemed logical that the Click Car would test a child’s ability to attach objects and fix their own toy vehicles. The Click Car is like a puzzle and teaches a child mental stimulation, hand-eye coordination and more. A youngster can pull a vehicle apart and piece it back together by snapping each of the toy vehicle parts back into place.”

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