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PushSpring Changes the Game for Data Buyers and Sellers

The PushSpring Audience Marketplace, since its launch in Summer of 2018, has quickly become one of the most trusted audience creation platforms in the programmatic industry. Data buyers and providers alike are embracing friction free pricing, transparency, speed to activation and a sleek programmatic buying console that focuses on discoverability and consumer privacy that only PushSpring offers.

“The PushSpring platform has completely transformed and simplified the audience discovery and activation experience, so customers can maximize their understanding of audiences, regardless of platform, and reach them in one streamlined process. We are pleased to make V12’s suite of rich data assets available via this innovative and refreshing audience creation experience,” said Jason Webby, Chief Revenue Officer of V12.

To date, there have been a limited number of data marketplaces available for customers seeking to discover new audiences or data types without investing in a hefty education cycle. The PushSpring Audience Marketplace has made possible the custom creation of audiences with a simplicity previously unavailable, benefiting customers and data providers alike. At the same time, PushSpring is the first marketplace to attempt to fill major holes in the data provider side of the ecosystem, including access to the buyer interface for data providers and best in class reporting.

“Integrating Stirista data on the PushSpring platform has allowed advertisers to more easily discover high-value segments that support their campaign. The transparent reporting structure and proactiveness of the entire PushSpring team has quickly elevated PushSpring to the top of our channel partners list. Based on sophisticated data provider reports, we are able to understand the types of data advertisers are seeking and make a larger array of data segmentation available,” shares Blaine Britten, VP of Digital Marketing at Stirista. “Contrary to other platforms, we have found the Audience Console to be superior because Stirista is not penalized for bringing higher quality data to the marketplace at the risk of having smaller scale. This integration has resulted in a ‘win-win’ as we provide the best quality audiences for advertisers in a user-friendly marketplace.”

PushSpring’s focus is on building a marketplace featuring only the highest quality data providers which can be combined in a way that feels bespoke with the ease of syndicated data segments. Advertisers are able to layer multiple datasets with different targeting tactics (i.e. location, app & social), all relevant to the target audience, increasing overall reach and efficacy without having to be an expert on every data provider, methodology and taxonomy in the industry. In other words, PushSpring makes it dead simple to figure out which data provider has a relevant audience, curate custom audiences, and export those audiences – all in one interface.

“PushSpring’s Audience Marketplace is a perfect place to make our deterministic audience data available,” states Anna Brantley, Chief Revenue Officer at AnalyticsIQ. “PushSpring has scale and connects our data to over 500 million targetable mobile device IDs. You can tell they have truly designed their platform with the advertiser in mind. They make it so easy to discover, create and activate audiences. As a data provider, we believe PushSpring’s intuitive platform design and fresh approach to data marketplace pricing will help brands tap into even more of our audience segments, from B2B to demographics to purchase data,” adds Brantley.

The PushSpring Audience Marketplace provides an unmatched level of transparency for non-PII data sources all within a simplified pricing structure centered on the buyer. Data is available at a buyer’s contracted CPM and does not change regardless of the audience attributes or chosen data providers. Advertisers can test new data sets, increase reach through additional targeting tactics or look-a-like models, all at the same price – enabling data buyers increased ability to find the best solution and truly compare results. Further, buyers can learn more about each of the data providers’ collection policies and participation in the self-regulatory bodies in the Audience Marketplace.

“One finds the most value in data when it is used to improve insights, performance and analytics, which is why we love the PushSpring Audience Marketplace,” said Dale Durrett, VP of Partnerships at Bombora. “PushSpring makes the journey from idea to activation infinitely faster through a unique data set, intuitive audience discovery, robust reporting and a superior experience for advertisers. We are already seeing the results.”

The PushSpring Audience Marketplace provides marketers access to a wide variety of data types including Auto, Behavioral, B2B, Location, Social, Purchase, and Television Viewership verticals, along with PushSpring’s App Ownership data. Best-in-class data providers participating in the Marketplace include 180byTwo, Affinity Answers, Alliant, AmeriBase Digital, American Student Lists (ASL), AnalyticsIQ, Bombora, Clickagy, Cuebiq, Epsilon, Gravy, IRI, Locally, NinthDecimal, Pinsight, PlaceIQ, Reveal Mobile, Scanbuy, ShareThis, Specialist Marketing Services (SMS), Stirista, TiVo, V12, and will soon include Affinity Solutions and Sito. The Marketplace has brought together best-in-class data providers spanning multiple data types and verticals, offering a unique buyer-centric environment.

About PushSpring

PushSpring is an industry-leading provider of marketing analytics tools and data services, offering a wide range of solutions for audience planning, creation and optimization. The PushSpring Audience Marketplace features PushSpring branded App Graph data, plus deterministic partner data sourced from privacy-compliant providers. Digital marketers can create, view, and activate custom audience segments in minutes using the PushSpring Audience Console. Additionally, PushSpring offers first-party data insights, sophisticated lookalike modeling, and audience measurement capabilities directly in one common platform. Advertisers can combine granular app ownership data and insights with audience segments from a robust collection of third-party data partners in the PushSpring Audience Marketplace to complement their targeting strategies across display, mobile, video, and social inventory. PushSpring is a member of the IAB and the DAA Self-Regulatory Program.

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