"The Circuit Lock": Offering Bicycle Security and Alert Using Smartphone Application

​Problem with thefts of vehicles can be time consuming and usually quite costly. Having the assurance that one’s wheeled vehicle is safe from thieves is vitally important whether the vehicle is two-, three- or four-wheeler. However, it is often more difficult to protect a bicycle than a car or truck—but the
Circuit Lock—an enhanced bicycle locking mechanism featuring a clever compactable configuration along with Bluetooth capabilities is the answer. The design intent is to provide cyclists with a more user-friendly lock that always allows for easy access to a security system.  In this manner, a cyclist would always possess a lock whenever needed and can lock/unlock the unit and even receive notification of attempted breach via a smartphone application.

The body of the Circuit Lock is fabricated of heavy-duty metal/steel based chain-type mesh which allows for compacting and securing capabilities. The bendable strap design forms a circular locking mechanism culminating in a distal housing containing the Bluetooth component. The Circuit Lock's Bluetooth capabilities foils attempts on the part of criminals to disappear with the bicycle. In this manner, bike owners would acquire a valuable aid in the fight against cycle larceny. The Circuit Lock provides consumers with a feeling of confidence and safety, ensured that their bicycle is fully protected. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Circuit Lock.

The Patent Pending Circuit Lock was invented by Atigen Ulaganathan of Monterey Park, CA  who said, “The Circuit Lock provides bicycle owners with a sophisticated, practically infallible means of keeping their units secure. It guards against the inadvertent loss of independent locks offering an effortlessly portable unit, always at the ready. It works perfectly.”
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