"The Chilla Beach Blanket": Supplies Ultra-Cooling Comfort for Sun Worshipers

Keeping cool is the real secret of comfortable and long-lasting sunbathing. It is easy with this new blanket. The Chilla Beach Blanket is a cooling blanket with inflatable pillows and carrying bag, specially designed to provide the relaxing sun-worshiper with a cool, comfortable surface upon which to lay over hot sand and other surfaces. The Chilla Beach Blanket is the utmost in temperature-controlled comfort and offers constant refreshment on the hottest of summer days. Cooling patio furniture with removeable, all-weather coverings, as well as cooling furniture for the home, are also produced in this line.

The rectangular Chilla Beach Blanket is fashioned from durable and weather-proof rubber or canvas with two inflatable pillows on the exterior side and each corner is augmented with sand weighted pockets to keep it in place. An external On/Off switch activates the blanket's cooling capabilities. Inside, canisters with a refrigerant, release and distribute their contents through a series of coils traversing the blanket just beneath its surface and can be customized by preferred temperature; its external control allows the user to select the desired level of coolness. A carrying bag is included to facilitate transport of the Chilla Beach Blanket. The Chilla Beach Blanket product line can be expanded to include outdoor furniture featuring removable, all-weather covers, as well as indoor furniture including leather recliners, love seats and more. Units designated for outdoors operate via solar power. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Chilla Beach Blanket.
The Chilla Beach Blanket is Patent Pending and was invented by Nattalia Genao of Flushing, NY who said, “This device allows users to enjoy being outside even during uncontrollable heat. It is a hands-free means of cooling down when sunbathing or just relaxing and ensures an optimal tanning experience without fear of overheating. The inflatable pillow provides additional comfort to the Chilla Beach Blanket. It works.”

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