The Center for Digestive Medicine Explains Common Digestive Problems

The Center for Digestive Medicine explains the most common digestive diseases people can experience. 

Here are some of the most common gastric disorders:


Known more commonly by its symptom, "heartburn," reflux can harm the esophagus and can lead to esophageal cancer. Heartburn is characterized by a burning feeling that rises into the chest area. Other symptoms of heartburn include constant salivation, trouble swallowing, or a strange taste in the mouth. 

Peptic Ulcers

25 million Americans will experience a peptic ulcer at least once in their lives. Ulcers create a painful sensation in the stomach, and most people's first reaction is to take a painkiller, however, most aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs make the pain worse and do not help. Experts advise getting tested for the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, an organism that disrupts the layer of mucus in the stomach and first part of the intestine. The disruption is what creates the ulcers. Individuals that suspect an infection by H. pylori can take 2 weeks worth of antibiotic treatment in combination with acid reduction techniques to get rid of the bacteria. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Also known as Crohn's diseases and ulcerative colitis, IBD results when someone's immune system attacks their own gastrointestinal system. Crohn's disease consists of ulcers that manifest deeper into the tissue lining of the GI tract, creating infections and blockages that require surgery. Ulcerative colitis is specific to the creation of ulcers in the colon and rectum, with common symptoms being bleeding and pus.

To treat IBD, individuals must undergo therapies that restrict the body’s inflammatory response. Steroids, immunosuppressants, and anti-inflammatories are also often prescribed. Crohn's patients are also given antibiotics. For ulcerative colitis, patients can also choose to undergo surgery, which will permanently remove the infected colon. However, they must also wear an internal or external pouch for waste products.

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Source: The Center for Digestive Medicine


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