The Center for Diagnostic Imaging Discusses When to Get a Mammogram

Mammograms save lives, according to The Center for Diagnostic Imaging. They help women identify cancerous lumps when they are smaller, creating more effective treatment options and a better chance of recovery. 

​There are two different types of mammograms, preventative/screening mammograms, and diagnostic mammograms. Preventative or screening mammograms are done regularly. Diagnostic mammograms are performed when there is a sign of a problem, such as a lump in the breast or nipple discharge.

In recent years, there have been many variations in the standards for preventative medical testing. A trend has been to lower the bandwidth of testing in some cases. These changes in standards have happened for a few reasons. One of the aims is to reduce a patient's exposure to radiation.

​The Benefits of Routine Checkups

​Mammograms can significantly benefit women, especially for those over 40. Doctors also recommend that women do not perform self-examination on their breasts. Screenings can be done on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, but if a woman has a family history of breast cancer or has had some indications or symptoms of issues with her breasts, it is recommended that she get a mammogram before the age of forty or on a schedule recommended by her doctor.

​The Necessity of a Mammogram

Most mammograms take about 20 minutes to perform, including 2 views of each breast. There may be discomfort during the breast compression x-ray. Women should try to not schedule a mammogram during the week of their period. A physician will be able to assess how frequently a woman should get a mammogram since it depends on family history and current breast health.

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Source: The Center for Diagnostic Imaging