The Center for Diagnostic Imaging Discusses the Types of Treatment Available for Breast Cancer

There are many types of different breast cancer treatments, according to The Center for Diagnostic Imaging. Here are the most common forms:


Breast surgeries for the treatment of cancer are divided into two categories: mastectomy (the elimination of the entire breast), or a lumpectomy, where they eliminate just the cancer and the tissues encircling it. There are various kinds of mastectomies. Discuss with your doctor whether the skin can be conserved; this procedure is known as the nipple or skin-sparing mastectomy and is also known as the total skin-sparing mastectomy.

For a Lumpectomy, the cancer is removed along with the surrounding area of healthy tissue that was connected to the cancer area. A lumpectomy allows for much more of the breast to remain. For more intrusive levels of cancer, radiation therapy of the remaining breast tissues is usually suggested after surgery. 

Radiation Therapy

This therapy is generally offered after surgery to reduce the probabilities of cancer heading back into the breast and assist people in surviving for a longer time. 
In some instances, radiation therapy may not be required for the successful treatment of cancer. Here are some cases where that may be the case:

  • The tumor is PR-positive or ER-positive, and hormone treatment is offered.
  • Hardly any of the lymph nodes eliminated comprised cancer.
  • The cancer was 2 cm in diameter, which is a bit less than 1 inch or fewer encircling and it has been eliminated totally.

And if mastectomy is executed, radiation therapy is often less necessary, however, a doctor may recommend it based on the specific prognosis of a patient's breast cancer. For women who suspect that they might have breast cancer, they must visit a radiation oncologist for assessment.

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Source: The Center for Diagnostic Imaging


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