The Center for Diagnostic Imaging Discusses How Early Detection of Breast Cancer Can Help in Treatment

The Center for Diagnostic Imaging recommends that woman should immediately conduct a breast mammogram if they detect any lesion or abnormality. Detection at an early stage can prevent more serious consequences down the road.

The 3D mammogram is an advanced imaging machine that can accurately convey breast tissue density and abnormalities more effectively than prior iterations of imaging technology and can accurately diagnose breast cancer as it is developing. 

An MRI Scan

The MRI scan is used widely to diagnose breast cancer. This method is conducted using radio and magnetic waves to take pictures of the breast. It is generally done with a mammogram for more accurate findings. Women at higher risk should go for it to detect it in the initial stages. 

​How Can Women Lessen the Chance of Breast Cancer?

​Physically active women are at less of a risk of cancer. Regular walking or some activities can decrease their risk profile for breast cancer. Generally, women gain weight after menopause which gives them a higher probability of contracting cancer. 

When women in their 30s breastfeed, the chances of cancer or other abnormalities in the body increases. Women that have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer should consider having children before the age of 30. 

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Source: The Center for Diagnostic Imaging


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