The Center for Diagnostic Imaging Discusses How Breast MRIs Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer

The Center for Diagnostic Imaging of Miami offers unparalleled breast MRI procedures for those seeking preventative breast care. Women who have a 20% lifetime risk of getting breast cancer are sometimes recommended to go for a breast MRI along with a screening mammogram. 

A Breast MRI should not be used in place of a breast biopsy to differentiate between benign and malignant tumors. MRIs are able to detect tumors in dense breast tissue, but having dense breasts does not necessitate a breast MRI scan. Breast MRIs are similar to diagnostic mammograms in that they require specially designed equipment. Instead of radiation, an MRI uses a magnetic field to generate cross-sectional pictures of the body. An MRI takes pictures of the breasts from different angles on the side, and in front and above the head. Thus, it is better at getting difficult images that other tests may not get as accurately. 

​How to Prepare for the Test

First, a breast MRI needs approval by a person's insurance company, as the procedure can be very expensive. Many private insurance companies pay for mammogram tests, so they will pay for an MRI exam if a woman has a high risk of breast cancer. 

Patients must follow certain instructions before undergoing a scan. Patients do not have to follow a special diet before the examination, however, there are certain precautions patients may wish to follow, such as taking a sedative if they are claustrophobic. Some MRI centers are conducted with more personal space, so people can feel more comfortable. Other metal devices should be removed prior to the beginning of the exam. 

About CDI: The Center for Diagnostic Imaging is one of Miami's leading diagnostic facilities. With over 20 years of experience, CDI has successfully provided the best services and results in digital imaging and patient care.

The center is owned and operated by a team of board-certified physicians and staff determined to be South Florida's premier imaging series. CDI is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the community through the use of the most highly advanced technology and techniques currently available within the imaging industry. As a premier imaging center in Miami, CDI offers CT scans in Miamimammograms in Miami, and MRIs in Miami Beach.

For more information on or to set up an appointment with The Center for Diagnostic Imaging, call 1-800-371-0002. 

Source: The Center for Diagnostic Imaging


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