The Center for Diagnostic Imaging Discusses How Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Can Help in Digital Mammography

Mammograms are now being served in digital format to enhance the accuracy and resolution of the procedure, The Center for Diagnostic Imaging remarks. Beyond creating better images for breast cancer screening and detection, digital mammograms provide a new tool for doctors with this form of diagnostic imaging.

Diagnostic imaging centers can assimilate every examination into a comprehensive, holistic medical record matched to each individual patient. The information then becomes available to doctors worldwide, permitting patients greater flexibility in treatment options. Overall, diagnostic imaging centers are making huge strides in technology in offering doctors better tools for care and the treatment of their patients.

Improved Diagnosis

Diagnostic medical imaging Miami literally assists the physician to comprehend the complications in a human body and permits them to make better decisions. The Medical Imaging methods are completely painless, non-invasive and most of them don’t need any special preparation, except when contrast media is used. In some instances like breast cancer, medical imaging can be life-saving.

The usage of digital procedures for advanced diagnostic imaging is a welcome advance in every medical domain. The impact of false positives and negatives alike are to be averted at all costs. Digital exams help to build accurate records that mitigate the issues with false positives and negatives.

Creating Precise, Accessible Patient Records

Digital exams form the basis of a patient's medical record in the information age. Records are no longer folders stuffed with X-ray film sheets and mounds of paper that are only available by the staff of one facility. Gone are the days of requested transcripts being transferred to new doctors and waiting for days as medical staff meticulously copy every piece of detail for delivery. Digital information can now be retrieved and transmitted via the internet, yielding greater freedom to patients and their healthcare providers. In fact, results are often accessible, even to patients themselves, within twenty-four hours.

About CDI: The Center for Diagnostic Imaging is one of Miami's leading diagnostic facilities. 

CDI is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the community through the use of the most highly advanced technology and techniques currently available within the imaging industry. As a premier imaging center in Miami, CDI offers CT scans in Miamimammograms in Miami, and MRIs in Miami Beach.

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Source: The Center for Diagnostic Imaging


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